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Nothing feels worse than a nagging itching or irritated sensation in your eyes or eyelids. If you suffer from the chronic condition known as blepharitis, you may find yourself confronting such symptoms on a daily basis. Even if you can't make your blepharitis magically disappear, however, there are ways to manage your symptoms and regain your quality of life. Our Aurora eye clinic, Burcham Eyecare Center, can diagnose your condition and prescribe the right mix of strategies to get it under control.


Blepharitis: A Bothersome Form of Eyelid Irritation

People sometimes think about the health of their eyes without also considering the state of their eyelids and eyelashes. Part of the eyelashes' job is to intercept dust, fungi, or bacteria before they can enter the eyes. Unfortunately, those unwanted substances/organisms can build up around the rims of the eyes, blocking the small oil-producing glands necessary for normal tear composition. To make matters worse, tiny parasites called mites, attracted by this potential food source, take up residence in the eyelashes. The resulting chronic inflammation and discomfort is known as blepharitis.

Blepharitis can cause many of the same symptoms as dry eye syndrome, since the blockage of oil glands often leads to chronic eye dryness. Your eyes and eyelids may feel itchy, gritty, or crusty. You may also notice redness in the eye (conjunctivitis), missing eyelashes, or swelling of the eyelids. These ongoing symptoms can make your life miserable, and if you don't make an effort to tame issues such as dryness or conjunctivitis, you might even end up sustaining eye damage.

Our Optometry Clinic Can Help You Feel Better

The first step in treating blepharitis is confirming its presence, along with any co-occurring problems your eyes may be experiencing. Our optometry team can detect tear film abnormalities while evaluating your other symptoms and checking for toxic buildup around the rims of the eyes. We can apply warm compresses and wash your eyelids carefully to remove any irritating substances. You may also need treatment to remove blockages from the eyelid's oil glands, thus relieving your dry eye symptoms.

Blepharitis is likely to come back, so you'll want to take preventative measures at home as well. We can recommend a safe, gentle eyelid hygiene regimen to help you optimize your comfort between visits to our optometry clinic.

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